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10U Team (Weigle)

Head Coach: Dan Weigle

Contact: danweigle@hotmail.com

12U Team (Smeltzer)

Head Coach: Justin Smeltzer

Contact: smejus57@gmail.com

12U Team (Stuth)

Head Coach: Matt Stuth

Contact: mds085@msn.com

Assistant Coaches: Eric Dinsmore, Eric Dennis, and Jordan Bicher

14U Team (Bohannon)

Head Coach: Chad Bohannon

Contact: chadabohannon@outlook.com

Assistant Coaches: Will Cook and Nathen Seymore

14U Team (Weigle)

Head Coach: Dan Weigle

Contact: danweigle@hotmail.com

Assistant Coaches: John Shorts, John Daily, Jerry Diener, Donyae Kalbaracyk, and Chris Kalbaracyk

16U Team (Estes)

Head Coach: Tom Estes

Contact: tle907@gmail.com

Assistant Coaches: Nikki Hengst and Mike Gray

16U Team (Negron)

Head Coach: Nick Negron

Contact: negritonick@hotmail.com

Assistant Coaches: Ryan Kurtz and Sean Furkanic

18U Team (Choate)

Head Coach: Terry Choate

Contact: terry.choate@wilson.edu

Assistant Coaches: Rae Hilbish, Jerry Eisner, and Aaron Myers

18U Premier Team (Bavis)

Head Coach: Chuck Bavis

Contact: chuckbavis@gmail.com

Assistant Coaches: Junior Malena and Eric Hirt

18U Team (Constable)

Head Coach: Craig Constable

Contact: cconstable009@gmail.com

Assistant Coaches: Gene Raihl, Rob Ray, Robert Dewbrew, and Mark Fruchtal

18U GOLD Team (Twigg)

23U Team

Head Coach: Andrew Twigg

Contact: twigg.andrew@gmail.com

Assistant Coaches: Shawn Nace, LeAnne Jones, and Ben Harrington

Head Coach: Shannon Wentz-Inguanti

Contact: shannonselitepitching@gmail.com

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